Hello, I’m Matthew Skopek, the Libertarian Candidate who ran for IL state Treasurer in 2014.
I have an overdue and exciting update about our campaign results. Although, I didn’t reach our goal of 5% we did break, or rather smash some records. Our campaign was very successful in this respect! Here’s how the statistics stack up over the years.

Libertarian Candidates for IL Treasurer:
1978 – 17,496 (0.59%)
1982 – 32,452 (0.90%)
1986 – 19,875 (0.64%)
1994 – 53,108 (1.77%)
2002 – 66,593 (1.92%)
2010 – 68,803 (1.89%)
AND FINALLY 2014 - 146,556 (4.16%)

Our campaign not only did well compared to previous Treasurer races but also we got the second highest number of votes (and percentage) for any Libertarian running for state wide office in the history of Illinois, only behind Julie Fox who got 164,857 (4.8%) votes this year. Overall Libertarian candidates did significantly better this year than in past years.

We are continuing to work hard, spread the libertarian message, and bring in new members and donors before the next election. I will definitely run again. This time I’m going to raise the bar a little, with four years of preparation I’ll be aiming for 10% of the vote, now that I have experience and time to plan a full on campaign in advance. Our Journey to the next election has already been initiated. These are exciting times to bring about real change and freedom! Thank you for all your support and dedication!

For more information about the Libertarian Party go to LPIllinois.org or LP.org